Thanks for your interest in being a Kevin Psychedelik ambassador! I will try to answer some FAQs regarding this role:

What is an ambassador for Kevin Psychedelik?

An ambassador is someone who loves, supports and promotes the Kevin Psychedelik brand and art.

What do I get for being an ambassador?

Kevin Psychedelik ambassadors will get a heavily discounted first purchase code on clothing items and a unique code that will allow them to share with friends and social media channels which will receive store credit if sales are made with their code. Ambassadors can also use their own code for purchases to build credit on future purchases as well, which doubles as a reward/loyalty program.

Will I get free stuff?

At this time Kevin Psychedelik is not in a position to give ambassadors free items. The ambassador promotion is setup to use a discounted code to get their own Kevin Psychedelik collection started to share with friends and social media followers.

Will I get paid with cash?

Not at this time, though it may be a possibility in the future. Right now if your unique ambassador code gets used, you will get store credit that is available after 30 days from the use of your code as long as no returns are made.

If any of this sounds interesting and fun to you, feel free to apply here for full details on the program. 

Thanks for your support as an ambassador!