Trees for Friends

Kevin Psychedelik proudly introduces his debut album "Trees for Friends" out on Psychedelik Musik

This sonic psychedelik journey is Kevin's ode to the great outdoors, and particularly the trees that inhabit them. Kevin has always been fascinated with nature and hopes this offering to the universe will be well received by those who take the entire listen. 

This album is suited for many activities, including hiking, walking, flowing, yoga, meditation, exercise, and of course tripping (if that's your thing). 

The album is available in 2 formats. 

1. Free - you can download for free! This will come with hi quality .mp3s and artwork and a thank you for taking the time do listen.

2. $6 donation - this will come with hi resolution artwork, 1 tree donated to, and a one-time use 25% discount code to my shop for those who donate! It will also come with .wav files for the audiophiles of the world.

Whether you pay for it or not is up to you, however, anything donated greatly helps keep running! 

Thank you for your support and interest in this project.



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